Who are the Two Mile Club Members?

The two mile club is very small, probably under 100 people.  Our page is for fun sport shooting civilians who shoot steel or paper targets.

Since 2015, interest in extreme long range (ELR) shooting has grown.  Being successful with a two mile shot on a paper or steel target is on the same level as climbing mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, however fewer people have achieved the hit to join our elusive two mile club.  Have you?  If so, please register your hit by clicking HERE!


Tony Molina 3,731 yards. 2.12 miles.   Wyoming Read more

Zachary Shelton 3,731 yards. 2.12 miles.  Wyoming Read more

“Mr.” 3,731 yards (2.12 miles) Western Wyoming Read more

James DeVoglaer 7,070 yards. 4 miles.   Wyoming Read more

Two Mile Club