Who are the One Mile Club Members?

The one mile club is very small, probably under 3,000 people.  There are less than a few hundred elite private and government military employees that have shot and hit humans at 1 mile or more.  Our page is for fun ELR sport shooters that shoot steel or paper targets.

There have been 50 BMG clubs for many years, and dozens or hundreds of people have had success.  Since 2015, interest in long range shooting and extreme long range (ELR) shooting has grown.  Being successful with a one mile shot on a paper or steel target is on the same level as climbing mount Everest, however fewer people have achieved the hit to join our elusive one mile club.  Have you?  If so, please register your hit by clicking HERE!

“Mr. X” 5,385 yards (3.06 miles) Western Wyoming Read about it here. Wind 6-12 mph. A couple months earlier he achieved a 2 mile hit that is documented HERE. Hits confirmed by Nomad Rifleman coaches Scott Austin, Shepard Humphries, Tony Molina, Tim Bruton and Stuart Alan. August 28, 2020 . Read more

Ray Axley 1,760 yards. Clinton, SC August 29, 2021, at The Clinton House shooting range, elevation 460 feet, 86 degrees fahrenheit, with a 6.5 Creedmoor RPR 144 Burgers 41.6 H4350. Firing a total of 12 shots and hitting the last three. Read more

Rylan Bowlin 1,760 yards. Clinton, SC August 29, 2021, at The Clinton House at 1MOA (18”) round target, 3-5mph wind, 86F, from an elevated wooden structure. Read more

Vamsi S. Atreya 1,790 yards. Cora, WY August 1, 2020 with a 9mph NW inbound wind speed. Read more

Ronald Frank Ledford 1,776 yards. Madras, OR On July 10, 2021 across two micro terrain draws and uphill alongside a separate draw through 1400 yards, with a left wind from the 300 mark to the 600 at 7mph. Completely crossing over as a 15mph right wind by the 1,000 and becoming more of a six o’clock wind by the one mile mark. The target was ranged by four different range finders with an average reading of 1776 yards. This final average was intentional. I used a LEDFORD rifle, chambered in 300 PRC, using Hornady 212 grain ELD-X. The impact was within the 1 moa center steel target. Read more

Michal Szczyrek 2,021 yards. WITU, Zielonka, Poland On April 24, 2021, with a .388LM and a wind speed of 3-5m/s. Read more

Chris Biedrzycki 1,900 yards. Blakley, Georgia On April 12, 2021 at the Arena Training Facility in Blakley with an 8mph wind speed. Read more

Bobby Hudson 1,760 yards. Gatesville, TX April 18, 2021. Read more

Justin Morris 1,761 yards. Eddyville, KY December 26th, 2020 Read more

Ryan Thorpe 1,761 yards. Eddyville, KY December 26th, 2020 Read more

E.M Betting 1,600 meters. Cold Bore Range, Denmark On August 25th, 2020, at the range, I hit a 1600 meter target with a Ruger RPR 300 Winchester Magnum on the Cold Bore Range Denmark. Read more

Jesse McKinley 1,760 yards.  Cheyenne, WY  February 21, 2021 Read more

Michael K Sutler 1,780 yards.  Kimbolton, OH Took my Tikka T3X Tac A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor to the range. Verified my zero at 100 yards. Went from 500 yards to 1000, then to 1780 yards. Hit 1780 on my 5th shot. Once I was on target, I watched the wind speed/direction (varied from 5-10 miles per hour) and made 3 more hits on the 18″ steel!!! Read more

Steven Wo 1,800 yards.  Plymouth, Utah Hit’s made 3 out of 5. October 7, 2013 Distance: 1800 yards, Target: Steel E-Type Torso (19.5″ x 40″), Rifle: Desert Tactical SRS with .338 Lapua Magnum 26 in barrel, Ammo: Factory Lapua .338 300 gr Scenar, Video: https://youtu.be/Omha7Jzw5Qc, Wind: ~15mph at shooter left -> right, Angle: 3 degrees, Pressure: 30.15, Temperature: 80F. Read more

Fred Kutchinsky 2,400 yards.  Sierra Blanca, Texas Savage 110 BA 338 Lapua , SIG SAUER Tango 6 optic hand loads and mother nature on my side. Clear sunny day with the sun behind us. Set up a metal target 1.5 miles out from our location in the West Texas desert. First 2 shots cold bore high and right. 3rd shot dead on target. Nothing more to say. Read more

Christopher Lucas 2,000 yards.  Pallisade, CO 2,000 yards, 10-24-2020. Read more

Beth Qualls 2,200 yards.   Pinedale, Wyoming 2,200 yards, no wind, 5 shots with 7mm Remington Magnum and 1946 yards with 6.5 mm Creedmoor Ruger precision rifle and 20 mph winds. With Nomad Rifleman ELR Experiences. Read more

Alex Richard Bengtsson  2,200 Yards. (1.25 miles)   Pinedale, Wyoming 2,200 Yards – no winds with 7mm Remington Magnum and then 1,910 yards with Ruger Precision in 6.5mm Creedmoor, witnessed by Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries of Nomad Rifleman. Read more

Jenna Watson 1,760 yards.  Palisade, Colorado June 9, 2019 in Palisade Colorado  Read more

Tim Schaer 1,760 yards.  Tipton Kansas September 18, 2020. One mile, 8 to 12 mph cross wind 300 win mag. Bergara HMR with Athlon ETR set at 67moa 9 moa wind with 225 ELDs  Read more

Brody Ketron 1,760 yards.  Kimbolton, OH Target distance: 1,760 yards. 1 Mile with my Savage 10 BA Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor. I was using the Vortex Viper PST Gen I 6-24×50 FFP with Burris XTR Rings with 30 MOA inserts. I was bottomed out with 59 MOA in the scope so I had to go down to 36 MOA in the reticle to make the shot. I had a 2 MOA holdover for a right to left 3-4 mph crosswind.  Read more

Karl Franks 1,760 yards.  East Cornwall, UK I hit the 1 Moa target at 1760 yards using AI AXMC in 338LM using 285gr ELDM. 5 round impact.  Read more

David and Mitchell Gallagher 1,760 yards.  Kimbolton, OH 1760 yards at Thunder Valley Precision range. Sept. 07, 2020. Wind was around 20 MPH and direct cross. My son and I were shooting my Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with 140 gr. ELD-M bullets. Vortex HST scope ran out of elevation adjustment and we had to hold over to a treeline feature above the target. Both my son, Mitchell and I registered hits on the one mile steel target.  Read more

A.J. Bowers 1,761 yards.  Canon City, Colorado 5-22-2020 Royal Gorge Gun Club 1761 yards front and mid wind both at 10 O’clock 4.5 mph, far wind 10 mph swirling off the face of the mountain. Shooting a Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor (Hornady match 147 eld)  Read more

Jeremiah Durbin 1,760 yards.  Near Basin, Wyoming August 2020. Dead still day. 1760 yards. I’ve been attempting a mile for a long time with no luck. I had hit 1600 yards a few times prior to this and I am not 100% these hits count as i didn’t have a witness but will happily do it again with one. I have dialed this shot many times but judging wind here in Wyoming can be difficult. This dead still day was unique and made the shot a lot easier, 4 out of 5 shots on an 18″ target. My Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor. Custom loaded 147 eld match rounds. Read more

Zachary Shelton 3,731 yards.   Wyoming Target distance: 2.12 miles. Read about it HERE. .375 Cheytac with custom loads from Unknown Munitions, Zack hit on 3rd shot. August 1, 2020 shooting with Tony Molina and the authors of https://longrangebook.com . Read more

Rick Arnold 1,762 yards.  Tarboro, NC 1,762 yards, gusting 8mph 1/2 value wind left to right. 6.5CM 140gr ELDM handload Read more

Alix McFarland 1,782 yards.  Hay, NSW, Australia 1630 metres (1782 yards) with a 6mm Creedmoor in 9mph full value wind. Tuesday July 21st, 2020 Read more

Tony Molina 3,731 yards.   Wyoming Target distance: 2.12 miles. .375 Cheytac with custom loads from Unknown Munitions, Tony hit on 1st shot after coach Zack warmed things up. August 1, 2020 shooting with Nomad Rifleman . Read more

Jason Matthews 1,790 yards.   Near Pinedale, Wyoming Target distance: 1 mile. Wind 5 mph. Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with 147g bullets at 74MOA. June 11, 2020 shooting with one of the authors of https://longrangebook.com . Read more

Richard Boatright 2,300 meters.  Blakely Georgia August 18, 2020. Wind speed 10 miles an hour left to right  Read more

James Drayton 1,762 yards.  Hatchers Pass, Alaska  1762 yards, 3/3 consecutive hits, to include Cole Bore. 11o’clock tailwind @12mph. GUN: Alyeska Precision 300 Norma Magnum / 230gr Hornady A-Tip@3072fps.  Read more

Douglas Crumrine 1,760 yards.   Barnard, KS During PRS/Very Long range shooting Course at Spearpoint Ranch, MPA 6.5 Creedmoor with Bushnell HDMR II H59 Reticle, shooting 140gn Berger Hybrid Target MV=2860. 90 degrees 67%h, 7 mph full value wind. Dope- 21.3Mil / 3.2 mil. Read more

Jeremy Bailey 1,760 yards.   Clinton, SC July 19, 2020 Target distance: 1 mile. 1760 yards, 190 Grain Nosler Custom Competition .308 over 43 Grains of Varget. 34.4 mils of Drop. Read more

Sarah Seaman 1,760 yards.  Clinton, SC Target distance: 1 mile! Steel at one mile, minimum wind speed, 33mils of drop, 308 caliber with 18 inch barrel, hit on third shot. July 19, 2020   Read more

Frank Seaman 1,760 yards.  Clinton, SC Target distance: 1 mile! 2’x4’ Target, wind speed 5mph or less, home built 308 with hand loads. July 19, 2020   Read more

Arne Smith 1,764 yards.  Waldo Maine 1764 yards onto a 18 inch gong. Winds were between 6-8 mph at full value. 18.5 mil adjustment vertical with a 2.5 mil left adjustment. 215 grain Berger hybrids out of Remington 700 300 win mag. July 11, 2020 Read more

Ashley Harrington 1,760 yards.  Clinton, SC 1760 yards, 34.5 mils of elevation, 3-5mph winds left to right, first .308 shooter in Clinton House history to make the 1 mile shot on the first round! July 19, 2020 Read more

Mike Spurlock 1,760 yards.  Hazard, Ky Target distance: 1 mile. Wind 8 mph to the right . June 20, 2020. Read more

Tim Riggs 1760 yards.   Kimbolton, Ohio 1760 yds. Armalite .300 win Mag. Douglass barrel. 240 gr Sierra MK. Now shooting Hornady 225 ELDs regularly. 5 shots from 10 on lower right corner, May 2020 Read more

Joshua Kirby 1760 yards.  5/2/2020 Kimbolton, Ohio 1760 10 MPH gusting wind from right. Shooting 300 RUM with hand loads Read more

Jake Bolton 1760 yards.  Clinton, SC I hit my one mile target at The Clinton House on 4/26/2020. Target was exactly one mile, 10 to 12 mph winds for approximately the last 1/8th mile. Made the hit with an MPA 300 win mag at 10:30am Read more

Van Fastenau 1760 yards.  Smithfield, Nebraska First time ever shooting at a mile. Remington 700 Longe Range 7mm Mag. Sightron 8x32x56 scope. 180 gr. Hornady ELD Match bullet. Hit a 24″ x 24″ steel plate on the 4th shot! 10MPH wind  Read more

Jude Pastoral 1800 yards.  Cresson, TX.  I’m just your average person that loves firearms and pushing to learn how to shoot. No military background, just an enthusiast and have the appreciation for certain skills. 5-8 MPH wind, March 14, 2020 Read more

Aaron Jeffrey Steele 1760 yards.  Clinton, SC.  After some instruction and warming up with RO Mike Sexton, we set up two 6.5 Creedmoor rifles and used Hornaday ELD 140 grain match rounds. Partly cloudy conditions, 40 degrees with a light wind of 3-6 MPH. Feb 29, 2020. Read more

Andrea Hilderbrand 1760 yards.  Clinton, SC.  February 16, 2020, 20″ AR-10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Nightforce 5×25 ATACR.
Shot with hand loads of Hornaday 143 ELDMX in front of 40.7 GR of H4350 in primed brass.  Clinton House w/ 3-5mph. 30 degree temps with rain, clouds and thick air.  Just a small town girl who likes to shoot big guns!
Read more

Nick Kupec 1760 yards.  Bland, VA.  Feb 22, 2020, To achieve a long time goal to hit 1mile with a purpose built 300wm. We couldn’t of picked a better day. Very low wind 5-7mph 58* day partly overcast. Gorgeous day! We started the day doing some plinking out to a 1000yards after getting good hits and verifying zeros we went to 1500yards the 3 of us all got good solid hits. Now for the main event. 1760yard the 1 mile shot! 3 out of the 30 shots I sent hit 1 mile! Couldn’t be happier! 3-5 MPH Wind. Now on to the next goal 2600 yards. Reble ridge outfitters, Syaracuse Kansas Read more

Enzo Parsick 1802 and 2000 yards.  Santa Margarita California.  September 16, 2019,  6 MPH wind. The “Morrison Mile” is in the books. Boom- I made my goal! First to hit the 24″ at a mile [1802yds. actual] Quickly thereafter I conquered the 2000yd target in two shots with several consecutive hits. The Cadex Defence 300NM with my Vortex Optics G2 Razor and that new Timney Triggers “HIT” module made it so easy….I kidd you not! ☆Thank you so much Sam Cotton and the ‘Camatta Ranch’ Morrison family for having us out, that was a wonderful event. Thank you to all of my sponsors for your support, every one of you played an integral part in making this happen. Froglube #teamvortex #vortexoptecs KITANICA #kitanica #kitanicausa #froglubesponsored #timneytribe #timneytriggers CK Arms Geppert&Geppert #CadexDefence #enzo_parsick Cadex Defence Owner’s Group / Propriétaires de produits Cadex Defence KKM Precision XSteeltargets.com Read more

Ken Zawodny 1760 yards.  Price, Utah.  October 16, 2019.  3 MPH wind. Headed out to Price Utah for a Long Range Shooters of Utah course with Bryce having never shot a bolt action rifle and walked out of there with a 1000 yard Milk Jug Challenge sticker. Multiple impacts and 1200, 1500 and 1 mile. Awesome Instructor! Read more

Terry Farley 1800 yards.  Edinburgh, IN.  July 26, 2014  – Equipment – Sako TRG-42 in .300 Winchester Magnum firing a handloaded 208gr Hornady A-MAX from Norma brass. Optic was a Nightforce NXS F1 in a Spuhr ISMS mount. Fired from prone bipod (Harris BRM-S) with lightweight rear bag by Urban ERT.6-17 MPH variable winds Read more

John Ridgeway 1760 + yards.  Bland, VA.  October 5, 2019, Hit a 2moa Target (actually a Boulder) at 1760+ yards. 4 times out of 6 shots. Using Tikka TX3 Tac A1, 6.5 Creedmoor, 140 grains ELD match bullets with Lapua Brass and 41.2 grains of H4350. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27. 92 moa of Elevation, 8 moa of Wind Hold.  1760 + yards. Ranged nearby object at 1756 yards on my Sig Kilo Binos.  We were on Hilltop looking up the side of a Mountain, hard to get Wind Speed but, held 8 moa of Windage.    Read more

Kevin Nielsen 1762 yards.  Kern County, CA.  10-27-19.  First time at a mile. 2 hits, 18″ plate, Ruger Precision 6.5creedmoor, Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24×50, 140gr ELDm loaded with 42.2gr H4350, Approx 23.3 mil elevation hold and 5.2mil wind (for 11PMH wind)  Kevin Nielsen one mile club long range shooting  Read more

John Ridgeway 1760 + yards.  Bland, VA.  October 5, 2019, Hit a 2moa Target (actually a Boulder) at 1760+ yards. 4 times out of 6 shots. Using Tikka TX3 Tac A1, 6.5 Creedmoor, 140 grains ELD match bullets with Lapua Brass and 41.2 grains of H4350. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27. 92 moa of Elevation, 8 moa of Wind Hold.  1760 + yards. Ranged nearby object at 1756 yards on my Sig Kilo Binos.  We were on Hilltop looking up the side of a Mountain, hard to get Wind Speed but, held 8 moa of Windage.    Read more

Brock Putman  1,760 yards.  Clinton, SC.  March 9, 2019.  Used a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor, with an SWFA SS Fixed 10x, shooting factory Hornady 140ELD-M rounds. Strelok called for 97 moa, only had 83 moa in my turrets. Held 14 moa over, got five hits in a row once my spotter walked me in.  10-12MPH Wind, (4-5 shots until first impact).    Read more

Randy Wise  2,158 yards.  Camp Atterbury Indiana.  Savage 338 Lappua.  7.5MPH wind, August 23rd 2019, three consecutive hits including cold bore at 2158, New ELR Central World Record. Read about it HERE! Read more

Phil Rogers 1,785 yards.  Wyoming.  Trijicon Ventus Engineer.  Went with great coach and friend, Shepard Humphries of Nomad Rifle Experience, 16 hits on 24×48 inch target, 4 inside 15×15 inch center target with Ruger Precision Rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor 5-10 knots variable, gusting to 15+ / Sept 4, 2019.  More about Phil Rogers wind expert. Read more

Jimmie Pretty 1,800 yards.  Cresson Texas.  9-30-2019.  12mph wind with gusts to 18.  Read more

Michael Ward 1,800 yards.  Cresson Texas.  300 PRC Ruger Precision Rifle w/ Vortex Golden Eagle. Working on some dope for my setup. Shot out to 1800 yards on steel targets. Dialed back down to 800 (shortest distance on that particular range) dialed back out to 1800 hit second attempt.  5mph wind.  July 10, 2019 Read more

Kevin Sexton 1,850 yards.   August 24th, 2019 Camp Atterbury, In. ELR World Record Challenge, 1850 yds.  8MPH wind.  2nd time trying was a charm ,1st time 2018 was a miss.  Witness: Aaron Farmer NRA Competition Director .  Gun was a Stock M99 416 Barrett Read more

Mark Lonsdale  3,165 yards.   3-5MPH Winds average, Member of Team McMillan and Team Global Precision; FCSA and Ko2M competitor; top team 2019 and 4th place overall.  Witness: Paul Phillips and Derek Rodgers – Team mates on Team Global Precision.   1 July 2018 – 1,900 yds – Raton, NM, 21 May 2019 – 2,725 yds – FCSA ELR Challenge – Raton, NM, 23 May 2019 – 2,267 yds – FCSA 1.5 mile ELR match – Raton, NM, 1 July 2019 – 3,165 yds – Ko2M Finals (4th place) – Raton, NM .   Read more

Todd Scholtens, Kyle Scholtens and Cade Scholtens 1,760 yards  28 Nosler. August 3, 2019, 6MPH wind from 9-oclock.  I took my two boys out to nearby Daniel Wyoming to try the mile shot with A Christiansen 28 Nosler shooting Berger 195 EOL w Retumbo powder. I hit on my third shot, my son (15 yrs old) hit on his third shot, then my other son 17 yrs old hit on his 4th shot on an 18×24 target! All the planets aligned that day! –Todd Read more

Don Baldwin 1,790 yards  22 Creedmoor.  On June 2, 2018 in Western Wyoming Don was a special guest at a long range shooting experience.  He used his new 22 Creedmoor made by Mac’s Gunworks and after getting it dialed in at 1,007 yards, he calculated his DOPE and asked Scott Austin to spot for him at 1790 yards.  Scott confirmed this first round hit that landed 8 inches from center! https://www.macsgunworks.com Read more

Eric Adams 1,765 yards with 6.5 Creedmoor & 2,175 Yards with 7mm.  On October 9, 2018 achieved a 1-mile hit with a Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  Scope was a Vortex Razor Gen II and he used Hornady 147 grain ELD ammunition.  Barrel was aiming 74 Minutes of Angle (MOA) over the target, which at 1,765 yards is 1,367 inches, or 114 feet!  Bullet took about 3.5 seconds to travel to the target, and the sound of the hit took about 4.8 seconds to travel back to our ears. He achieved two hits at 2,175 yards with Mac’s Gunworks Rem 700 rifle chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum.  His scope was a Vortex Viper Gen II. You used handloads with 195 grain Berger bullets.  At 2,158 yards and 75 minutes of angle in your scope, your barrel was pointed 1,708 inches above the target, or 142 feet.  In other words, to hit a can on a sidewalk, you would have had to aim at the 14th floor of the building behind the sidewalk! Read more 

Eric’s article in Forbes HERE

Matthew Mellor 1,790 yards  Rem 700 300 WinMag.  July 31, 2018 in Wyoming … I was home visiting family and got together with my good friend Shepard Humphries who is a shooting instructor. He took me to a place near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and challenged me to hit the one mile target. It took me several shots to get there, but he stuck it out with me until I made the hit.   mile long shot adventureDuring the time I was preparing to pull the trigger when I actually hit the target, the wind directions kept changing, about 5 to 8 MPH, but I finally got it. I was shooting a .300 WinMag, Remington 700 with Sierra 190 grain BTHP bullets. Shepard Humphries was witness. Read more

Kent Reeve 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017. Read more

Brian Litz 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017.  Litz is a great shooter and scientist and has hit even longer shots, yes, more than double! Read more

Alexander Smith  1850-1900 yards with a 7mm Rem Mag 1850-1900 yards, Dumas, TX on March 24, 2018.  7-9 MPH wind witnessed by John King III.  Read more

Shepard Humphries 2,175 Yards  Remington 700 with 7mm RemMag.  My first hit at 1 mile was at a friend’s ranch near 3 Forks Montana on November 8, 2015 with a 300 WinMag.  15 MPH winds made it a challenge, however he was able to get a hit on target eventually.  His wife Lynn and friend Andy Ward also scored hits.  He said, “I was lucky in that my hit was closest to center, which I will pretend was due to my skill.” Since then, he has made many shots at over a mile, including 2,040 on his anniversary with his wife and later 2,158 yards.  He is the founder of Nomad Rifleman, a premier private long range shooting experience firm based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. and author of a great book on extreme long range shooting. He also serves as Secretary on the board of directors of Voluntary Virtue. One mIle Club Long Range Shooting Read more

David Tubb 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017.  Tubb is a great shooter and has hit even longer shots! Read more

Rusty Phillips 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017. Read more

Steve Harris 1760 yards with .338 Edge 11-17-18 Belmont Mississippi.  I am 66 yrs old I accomplished a mile stone been a reloading for 40 yrs, my rifle was a 338 Edge on Savage with a McGowan barrel with a 3×18 Nightforce with a 30 moa base.  4MPH wind.  Witness: Phil Cann Read more

David Ferrin 1760 yards with .338 Edge 3-31-19 Immokalee, Florida.  5-6MPH wind.  Witness: Ric Freidberg-Friend and Match Director of SFPRA Read more

Horacio D Delgado 2063 yards with a 6.5 Creedmoor Hit 4/of 5 shots into 15” circle followed by 8 of 10 shots. Using custom 6.5 Creedmoor 26” bbl, 5-25×56 NightForce ATACR scope (similar to this scope: https://amzn.to/31TlnHN ).  Witnesses: Kevin Hafer & Derek Westover (relationship – friends)  Read more

Dustin Ellermann  2100 yards Whittington Center in New Mexico, August 2015, Barrett M99 .50 BMG, Bullet flight time was 3.7 seconds, drop was 94 MOA, velocity at target was only 1,100 fps. The 7,500′ elevation and a 5 degree down-slope helped the ballistics. Dustin reports: “About six seconds after impact you would hear the ‘ding’.” (Editor’s note: The speed of sound at 7500′ elevation* is 1053.61 fps, or roughly 351.20 yards per second. The distance-to-target of 2100 yards divided by 351.2 works out to a 5.98 second time delay. ) Read more

Michael Myers 1,760 Yards Savage 7mm Rem Mag  Factory Savage Long Range Hunter – 7mm Rem Mag, Silencerco Saker suppressor, Nightforce ATACR optics, 1760 yards, Utah, August 2015.  Read more

Brigette Christensen 1,790 yards with 6.5 Creedmoor Accuracy International  1790 yards, June 2018, Wyoming Long Range Shooting Experience – Nomad Rifleman.  Used fellow shooter’s rifle with a Schmidt & Bender scope. Read more

Jeff Odor 6.5 Creedmoor, 1760 yards

Andy Ward 1,790 yards.  Macmillen 300WM .  I joined the one mile club in 2015. I was on my ranch near Three Forks Montana with friends in heavy and gusty winds, but I got my first hit with 190g Sierra Matchkings. Since then I have also hit with the custom 338 Lapua I built. One Mile Hit 338 Lapua Read more

M. White 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017. Read more

Dan Pohlabel 1,788 yards 1788 yards, Indiana, NRA ELR One-Mile Competition, July 2017. Read more

Randy Ori 1760 yards, Utah, June 26th 2016 6.5 Swede built on a Remington Classic Long Action, 31″ Heavy Palma Contour Pac Nor barrel + “Muzzle Brakes & More” two piece muzzle brake, Boyd’s Stock – Sightron S2 Fixed 32x optic, Ammo: Handloaded 6.5 Swedish using Berger 140 gr Hybrids going 3120 FPS Read more

Keith Bishop 338 Edge, 1760 yards  Utah, May 20th, 2016 Read more

Bruce Artus .308 Ackley with 220 Sierras, 3120 yards.

Autumn Meeks 1,790 yards with a 6.0 Creedmoor.  at Nomad Rifleman Experience, Wyoming.  With a 6.0 Creedmoor and lots of amazing coaching from Nomad Rifleman I was able to hit target and it felt amazing!
Witness name and relationship to you: Shepard Humphries, friend and coach. Don Baldwin, owner of rifle I used and new friend. (link)
Read more

Momo Renkes  1790 yards / 6.5 Creedmoor  I was an invited guest to a Nomad Rifleman event, and my first time shooting beyond 600 yards I was able to get a one mile shot! Read more

Pat Surline  1760 yards  Remington XP 100 Action 18″ Lothar Walther barrel + Holland Quick Discharge muzzle brake McMillan Benchrest Stock Sightron S3 6-24 optics, 1760 yards, Utah, June 19th 2016 Read more

Bryce Bergen 1760 yards 7mm-300WinMag  1760 yards, Utah, October 2016, 7mm-300 Win Mag built by Moon of Crescent Customs Parent case is a 300 Win Mag necked down to 7mm. Defiance Deviant Action, 28″ Bartlein #7 Contour 1:8.75 Twist Barrel Accuracy International AX 338 CIP Chassis Shillen trigger set to 1.5 lbs. Templar Tactical Archangel 30 cal suppressor + Tab cover Nightforce ATACR optics with MOAR reticle. Nightforce 6 bolt rings. Handloaded ammo: 180 gr Berger Hybrid at 3050 FPS Read more

Patrick R.  1,760 yards with Remington MSR 1760 yards, Remmington MSR, Texas, Outback Rifle Club, April 2017 Read more

Clarence Ferguson 3657 yards with a 338 Lapua.  3657 yards, June 2017, 338 Lapua Coldshot 150 Nightforce NXS | Read more

Tony Molina  1790 yards with 300 Win Mag June 2018, Wyoming Firearms Training Instructors & VIP clients day with Nomad Rifleman.  Tony hit a 2MOA target at 1790 yards with his front rest being a water jug with a sandbag on it. Read more

Ed Connors 2,160 yards with a 338 Lapua.  3 consecutive shots at 2160 yards, March 2017, .338 Lapua Mangum, went out for a day on a friend’s ranch | Read more

Josh Nelson 1760 yards.  1760 yards, Utah, June 4th, 2016, Desert Tech HTI – 50 BMG, Nightforce ATACR 5-25 x 56mm optics | Read more

Paul Phillips 1783 yards with a 338 Lapua.  Indiana, .388 Lapua Magnum/Nightforce NXS 8-32, out on private land. Wanted to shoot a balloon that is 10” in diameter, October 2013 | Read more

Bill Poor 3475 yards, 338/378 Weatherby | 3475 yards, 338/378 Weatherby Mangum, New Mexico!!! September 2016, went out for a day on his friend’s ranch. Read more

Mark and Sam  1760+  AfterWork YouTube channel. They have hit a mile multiple times, as well as 2 miles shots, with multiple different guns out in Australia. Read more

Hunter Christensen 1,790 yards with 6.5 Creedmoor Accuracy International  1790 yards, June 2018, Wyoming Long Range Rifle Experience – Nomad Rifleman https://mikeshouts.com/jackson-hole-shooting-experience/ Read more

Mike Davidson, 1762 yards with 6.5×284   Gunwerks LR-1000 chambered in 6.5×284, May 2012, Cody, Wyoming, Went out for fun to film a video doing it in a cool winter landscape. Read more

Lynn Sherwood 1,765 yards.  Remington 700 Sendero 300WM . Southern Montana, 2015. One Mile Hit Lynn Sherwood   In 2017, Lynn beat her personal best with a hit at 2,040 with a 7mm Remington Magnum http://oddlygrateful.com/a-memory-of-my-daughter-lauren-sherwood/ Read more

Scott Austin 1,790 yards 6.5 Creedmoor, 140g, Vortex Razor Gen 2 scope.  As a long range shooting instructor, I have been fortunate to play a lot.  A recent fun string of shots with my Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, 140g, Vortex Razor Gen 2 scope, was on a 24″x48″ (1,152 square inch) target.  I was able to fire quickly, getting 5 hits in a row with my 6.5 Creedmoor.  Yes, I have shot much further, and I even write about it in by book on ELR Shooting. Come out and do some private long range shooting with me!  (link)  Oh, and in September 2018, I set my new personal best on a 24″ circle at 2,158 yards!  Fun! Read more

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