What questions do you have?  Hopefully we are able to answer them below.

What proof do you require?

We need to be convinced.  Generally we appreciate you including the name of at least one witness in your story.  Pictures are great.  (and photoshopable)  We can definitely be fooled, so please do not bet your life on the validity of submissions.  We do NOT verify every hit.  We operate on an honor system.  There is no doubt that lairs have sneaked onto this long range shooting one mile hit registry.  Take what you read with a grain of salt, kind of like Wiki.  Register your shot HERE.

How much does it cost to be listed?

It is free.  We just ask that you share our website on your social media, blog, website and share it with friends in other ways.  Corporate sponsors pay our expenses, so keep your wallet in your pocket and enjoy showing off your One Mile Hit!

How long does it take to be listed?

Typically we will have your name added to our registry in less than a week!  Remember to refresh your browser.

Do you include killing of human beings?

No.  Many people have killed other people on behalf of many governments and religions.  Thi sis not the page for that.  Check HERE for non recreational & sporting feats.

How do I get a custom sticker like this?

custom sticker, One Mile Hit
One Mile Hit Member. Custom Stickers by StickerMule


Shepard Humphries at Nomad Rifleman has a bunch, contact him and send a buck to cover costs.  🙂