How big is a one mile club target?

Size matters

1 MOA at 1 mileIf you are shooting at an aircraft carrier at a mile, you are very likely to get a 1st round hit.  If, on the other hand, you are shooting at a golf ball, and you hit it, you deserve a lot more respect.

Here at the One Mile Club for Shooting, we are happy to extend membership to those who have hit a 2MOA target at over one mile.  1 MOA at 1 mile is 18.42 inches and 2 MOA is 36.8 inches.  Two MOA is admittedly an arbitrary standard, just as all other contest standards.  For some contests and world record long range shots it is a 36″ inch by 36″ target, and you must hit it with all three of your 3 shots.  Others have other standards.  When you submit your information, we invite you to include the MOA of the target you hit.

What is a 2 MOA target?  1,296 square inches

1760 (yards) multiplied by 1.047 (1 MOA) equals 18.4 inches, multiplied by 2 equals 36.8 inches.  (Let’s round this down to 36″ because we have massive self respect.  2 MOA is 1,296 square inches.

A square that measures 36″ x 36″ counts.  1,296 square inches.

A 36″ diameter circle counts.  1,017 square inches

Does a 12″ by 9′ target count?  Yes.  9′ = 108″.  12″ x 108″ = 1296 square inches.

How do I calculate?

  • Take the distance to your target and multiply it by 1.047.
  • If your target is a circle or a square, and it measures small than this number – you are set!
  • If your target is a weird shape, calculate how many square inches it is.  Compare this number to the square inches of the above calculation.


I have a 26″ x 34″ rectangle at 1800 yards.

  • 26″ x 34″ = 884 square Inches.
  • 1800 yards x 1.047 (MOA) = 1,884.

I move the decimal 2 places left, and see that a 1 MOA target at 1,800 yards is 18.84 inches.

Because OneMile.Club accepts up to 2 MOA, I get to multiply 18.84″ x 2 = 37.68.  So, a 37.68 by 37.68 inch square is acceptable, but i don’t have a square, I have a rectangle.

A 37.68 by 37.68 square is how many square inches?  37.68 x 37.68 = 1,419 square inches.  This is the largest acceptable size target at 1,800 yards.

YOUR target is 884 square inches and you were allowed up to 1,419, so you are well within the standards.  Nice hit!

Clear as mud?

Have fun shooting!

ELR Two mile shooting is judged by the same standard, which makes things even more challenging!